Our ethos of Respect, Passion and Integrity are evident in all that we do as a business, from our food quality to the development of our people, from our resort layouts to the superior experiences we offer our guests. All of our efforts consistently display the six core values that proudly form the basis of our brands.

core values

Respect — Having regard and value for people (employees, guests and shareholders) in relation to their time, position, knowledge and opinions.

core values

Excellence — The courage to set high expectations and the talent, diligence and discipline to continually surpass ordinary standards.

core values

Appreciation — Continually recognizing the true worth of our people through gratitude and reward.

core values

Love — Love what you do and do it with love.

core values

Innovation — To be curious, adaptable and flexible about change.

core values

Positive Thinking — To have a contagious attitude and energy that encourages happiness, solidarity and success.


BEHG is not based on a management handbook, it is based on a philosophy that came from my life's journey. I stuck to some very basic principles that worked for me — integrity being the biggest one. I opened my mind to ideas and learned, that mistakes are better teachers than success, and that there is no straight line to one's vision or dream.

2015 had in many ways marked a rebirth — a renaissance for ME. Having been a designer for some of the world's top resort destinations for nearly twenty years, I always knew that my passion was creating. Now I realize that I can create something of my own, something to share with the world, something amazing. While these last few years have been filled with challenges and new opportunities, I've had the privilege of working very closely with some EXTRAORDINARY, IMPRESSIVE and LOYAL people. The most important thing that I have learned from those in my past and all of you in my present is that “I have to make a difference in someone's life”. It is this that drives me to be not only a better person but to have a company that MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

For me, the hospitality industry is a fascinating laboratory for life — where we are tested to the limit. It's hard work to master one's own emotions every single day in spite of sometimes pressing personal circumstances; to remain consistent, all in the pursuit of providing service excellence to our guests. Under the most pressing and sometimes chaotic conditions, YOU have remained professional and dedicated to maintaining our high standards. YOU are all the core of our business, personally responsible for thousands of customer interactions, it is YOU who drive guest satisfaction, and it is YOU who keep them coming back again and again.

We are a people organization that works FOR people, and we succeed thanks to OUR PEOPLE. Together we transform Passion into Excellence never forgetting our underlying values of RESPECT, PASSION and INTEGRITY. Having said this, we want our team members to have fun — because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn't much fun. FUN for us means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our guests and celebrating our achievements together as a team!

My vision and my goal is: To make BEHG the preferred choice in the hospitality industry; and to keep growing and developing our people. Together, I know we will realize this! Let us be driven by our passion and our love for this industry.

Let's live barefoot!

Brian Koenigberg, CEO