Barefoot's design practice was born from more than two decades as a Landscape Architect and Urban Planner by our company's Founder and CEO, Brian Koenigberg. Several years ago, whilst living abroad in China, Brian came to realize that his work designing resorts and estates around the world was not just that of landscape design, but more broadly that of "experiences". This served as a significant shift in our focus as a company to help clients and partners solve more complex issues, far beyond that of a project's site.

Experience Design has come to entail the physical layout of a space, the quality of the staff and service, the design and quality of construction, the furnishings and upkeep of a space, the quality of the ingredients, the menu, and customer service. To us, a customer's entire experience while visiting your property isn't the most important thing to consider: It's the only thing to consider.

"To me design is a journey into the culture of a place. A truly successful design not only solves a problem but also makes a connection with the people that use the space." Notably said by Mr. Koenigberg, this sentiment lies at the heart of what we do as Experience Designers. We are here not only to solve problems, but also to serve the people that the space is designed to accommodate. Within this framework of Experience Design, BEHG works with clients to both analyze their current F&B operations and to design cutting edge resorts and hotels from the ground up.